Gippsland Development Programs

GSI - GSA Athlete Pathway Season 2016-17


Gippsland Sports Academy
Sponsored by the Morwell Bowling Club Inc


Gippsland Sports Academy Members

GSA Swimming Squad – Run with assistance from GSI Coaches and personnel Swimmers who gain National Time/s and attend AGE and/or OPEN Nationals in the preceding season, invited to become members of Squad. Gippsland Coaches invited to attend sessions even if Club does not have qualified swimmers. Swimmers must attain a National Qualifying Time and attend National Open or Age Championships in the preceding March, April or May.  A strict criteria such as this is integral to maintaining the uncompromising standards now expected of this program.

Purpose: To provide continuing and ongoing development focusing on Nationals. Athletes will undergo underwater filming, a super camp at the AIS, a review as a result of the filming, lactate testing/training, participate in GSI Meets, encouraged and expected to attend District, Country and state meets with a final session at a long course pool prior to Nationals in April 2015.

Brian Ford (Coach Co-ordinator)
Dean Gooch (Head Coach)
Dylan Muir (Coach, GSI Development Squad)
Donna Rowand (Coach, GSI Development Squad)
Sam Fenton (Strength & Conditioning)

Advisory Panel
Brian Ford (Coaching Co-ordinator)
Jackie Madden  (Gippsland Swimming, GSA Board Rep)
Dean Gooch (Head Coach)
Donna Rowand (Sale Swim Club Coach)
Dylan Muir (South Gippy Bass Swim Club Coach)
Jim Vivian (GSA E.O)


Neisha Ablett
Tara Bayly
Emily Beecroft
Caydence Bezzina
Mallory Bradley
Alice Butler
Bridget Cain
Jordyn Cargill
Melina De Cort
Locke DeGaris
Jack Edgar
Nathan Foote
James Gallagher
Eliza Jeffs
Olivia King
Kai Lumsden
Jarrod Muir
Charlie Noble
Alice Peddle
Elayna Pistrin
Ellodie Reid
Lily Robinson
Fabienne Schoutens
Josh Seignior
Alexander Seys
Ruby Storm
Alex Tsebelis
Mayson Vanderkolk
Sophie Waller
Eric Zubcic

Gippsland National Development  Squad 

Gippsland Coaches Paul Myers, Rob Moon and Melissa Scholes have been appointed as coaches for the 2016/17 Season.

Squad dates with 4 sessions offered
Sat 26/11 – 7-9am at Sale prior to meet
Sat 3/12   – 7-9am at Sale prior to meet
Sat 17/12 – 7-9:30am at SALE prior to meet
Sat 14/1    – 7-9am at Moe prior to meet

GSI NATIONAL Development Squad. Entry into this program is via nomination from Coaches application only and swimmers will be ranked for selection based on qualifying times as well as home coach recommendation. Once again, gaining times does not necessarily guarantee automatic selection. Squad size approx. 30

GSI NATIONAL Development Squad

Swimmers within:
1.01 to 3.00 seconds  50m
3.01 to 6.00 seconds  100m
8.01 to 15.00 seconds 200m
of National Times, based on National times with their age and distance as at 30th April 2016.

Nominees – based on acceptance

  • Jeremy Nielsen
  • Mayah Cannon
  • Callum Halloran-Lavelle
  • Tamiecka Ross
  • Kiana Wedlock
  • Hannah Shepherd
  • Mimi Noble
  • Shauna Anderson
    Sam Tatterson
  • Rachael Sbaglia
  • Annaliese Nix
  • Tom Dowler
  • Thomas Bouquet
  • Xavier Haberl
  • Lily Zee Verner
  • Alexis Mentzing
  • Kieran Georgeson
  • Jake Cranwell
  • Sophie McKenzie
  •  Issabelle O’Neill
  • Josh Wight
  • Luke Muir
  • Riley Harris
  • Brendan Malcolm
  • Cohen Frith
  • Brittany Johnston
  • Connor McAuliffe





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