Gippsland’s 7-10 Team Victory

The Gippsland Swimming District collected their twenty-fifth consecutive title at the 2017 Victorian Country 7-10 year old competition on Saturday 4th November 2017.

The competition, held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, saw Gippsland win 18 gold, 17 silver and 13 bronze for individual performances. A further 11 gold were won from 12 relay events.

A total of nine Victorian swimming districts competed on the day. Gippsland gained an overall point score of 1958 points, with Victoria’s Midlands District in second (538 points), and Barwon South West District in third (506 points).

This year’s team of 71 swimmers was formed with 14 swimmers from Traralgon Swimming Club, 8 from East Gippsland Water Dragons, 18 from South Gippsland Bass, 14 from Sale Swimming Club, 10 from Warragul Amateur Swimming Club, 4 from Moe Amateur Swimming Club and 3 from Morwell Swimming Club.

Outstanding performers for the day were Ashley Nicholes of Traralgon (4 gold), Chloe Joiner of Warragul (3 gold), Brody Cargill of Traralgon (3 gold, 1 silver), Abby Horder of Sale (2 gold), Ainsley Trotter of Traralgon (2 gold, 2 bronze), Claudia Lee of Traralgon (3 silver), Olivia Baillie of Traralgon (1 gold, 2 bronze), and Layaleeta Pannu of Moe (2 silver, 2 bronze).

Top placings also went to the following swimmers; East Gippsland: Lukas Kempff (1 silver), Cody McMahon (1 bronze), Layla Chapman (1 bronze); Sale: Sarah Provily (1 silver, 1 bronze), Isabella Tatterson (1 gold); Traralgon: Zane Paolemilio (2 silver), Phoebe Balcombe (2 bronze), Shae Nippers (1 silver), Gabriel Paolemilio (1 gold, 1 silver), Ella Warner (1 silver); South Gippsland: Sienna Hunt (1 gold), Tyla Peters (1 silver), Rahni Matheson (1 gold), Oscar Hughes (1 silver); Warragul: Nathan Joiner (1 bronze), Kade Cannon (1 silver), Jesse Griffin (1 bronze).

Coaches for the day were Dylan Muir and Lorrianne Mckenzie (South Gippsland Bass), Paul Myers (Warragul) and Debbie Taylor (Sale). Team Managers were Alison Tatterson (Sale) and Leigh Taylor (Moe).

The 2017 Team Captains, Claudia Lee (Traralgon) and Ashley Nicholes (Traralgon), were presented with the winning trophy at the conclusion of the meet.

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