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Fact Sheet Officials Online Courses as at 27032017

Dear Gippsland Official and Club Presidents,

As previously advised, Swimming Australia released Online Officiating Modules earlier this year.

Please remember to run an Official Qualifying Meet, as required by Swimming Victoria, you must have 1 x REF, 2 x JOS, 1 x Starter, Recording and an Official Roster (which states Clerk of Course, Chief Timekeeper etc.) from the day submitted with the Meet Approval Form from each meet, for Qualifying Times to count.

Thank you to so many of your members for beginning the process of becoming a Technical Official and assisting in the running of Gippsland Meets (and in some cases SV) now and in the future. WE still have a way to go but you must be congratulated on your assistance and work so far. WE need to continue on this path to ensure the future of Officiating and Swimming here in Gippsland …. so please distribute the below once again to your members, especially to Clubs that are yet to take up the opportunity.

Modules released are:

General Principles – required prior to completing below (see this link)  LG1 – General Principles
Chief Timekeeper
Clerk of Course
Check Starter
Inspector of Turns    (would recommend this be completed with support from Presenter)
Judge of Strokes         (would recommend this be completed with support from Presenter)

The online modules are based on the current paper NOAP Learner Guides.

The Clerk of Course and the Check Starter courses have been developed by Swimming Australia and can be found by clicking on the link below:

The Timekeeper, Chief Timekeeper, Inspector of Turns and Judge of Stroke courses have been developed by Swimming NSW and can be found by clicking on the link below:

Attached you will find a FAQ about the online courses as well as a flyer that links directly to the two platforms.

The links to the courses can also be located on the Swimming Victoria website:

Please Note:  By completing these online courses does not mean that you will be accredited in these positions.  You must complete practical experience on pool deck and then be assessed by one of Swimming Victoria’s Assessors.

Once online module is completed and you receive your certificate/documents, here’s how to complete your accreditation:

  1. Be a financial member of a swimming club affiliated with your State. Apply via your Club Registrar or online via your State website.
  2. Ensure you are rostered for and event and make contact with your assessor prior to.
  3. Be assessed by an accredited assessor. CurrentlyAlan Harlowand Jackie Madden in Gippsland. Please take the received certificate/documents to your assessment.
  4. We also recommend that you obtain Working With Children clearance if you haven’t already.

Remember, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.



Jacqueline Madden
President | Gippsland Swimming Inc.
p: (03) 5143 2353 | m: 0448 568 655

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